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I studied Commercial Administration  in the analog time  So I consider myself a pre-digital revolution dinosaur.

While I was studying, my commercial experience began and I awakened my skills as a salesperson, I worked in almost everything but if there was something in common in all jobs and sectors, they were and are PEOPLE.

Working with thousands of clients over the years has taught me to interpret  their emotions and knowing that we never buy rationally. We always look for reasons to justify  that purchase. We remember more about who and how it was sold to us than what we actually bought.

From dealing with people I discovered my vocation to serve them and I continued studying clinical analysis technician and clinical assistant.

So after 30 years I can say that I love my job, but I had a thorn in the side and I was wondering

Could I share my experience and my knowledge  to help other people in their project?

Finally !!! in 2020 my website was born

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